Wednesday, January 18, 2012


As you can tell from my previous blog posts, I do not usually share personal posts. This is basically a business blog so I feel the need to share my thoughts on something business(and personal) related.

I've had a store with Artfire since 2008. I joined soon after AF started and during the years following, there have been many changes. In having a store with AF, I've made friends and helped grow with the community of handmade sellers. AF has allowed me to operate an online store with countless benefits and perks. I became a Fire Mentor to help newcomers and a Maven to help with site development in the community forum.

With every change Artfire has made, there has been triumphs and trials. I've seen the good in many of the changes but have also disagreed with a few of them. As a whole, I've been very happy doing business there and will continue to do so.

Recently, some new decisions have been made by the administration at Artfire. There will be some big changes in the upcoming weeks/months. These changes have caused confusion, anger and also happiness in the AF business community.

While I do not fully support these new changes, I am okay with the outcome. What I am not okay with is how some businesses have reacted. The unprofessionalism by some individuals is beyond revolting.

My business is my priority and I have always based my business decisions solely in a professional way. It is very hard for me to do this lately. I will no longer shop with numerous Artfire, Etsy etc.. sellers because of their complete lack of professionalism in the last few weeks. Personal attacks on appearances and character is simply unacceptable. I will not do business with or support any business that does this. I have actually have ended a few friendships over this situation and I am perfectly fine with that. I am friends with respectful individuals.

A few personal friends(dear Em, I love ya!) have made the decision to move their businesses away from Artfire and I would like to say that I will dearly miss you. I completely understand making this choice on a professional level and I hope that someday, you end up back with Artfire. I wish the best for you all and hope you sell your bootays off wherever you end up.

On the flipside, I'd like to welcome any newcomer to Artfire. With the upcoming changes, there are new businesses joining. If you ever need help with your store or with the site, I will be more than happy to help.

I would also like to say that while my shop is hosted through Artfire, Bella Sweet Jewelry is mine. I solely make the decisions for it. I offer my own excellent customer service and products. Please do not judge all Artfire sellers by the actions of a few unprofessional business owners. Those few people have cast a horrible cloud over an amazing website. I love having a business with AF and there are countless other stores on AF that offer the same professional service that I do.

Artfire is growing and branching out. If there ever comes a time when I feel that my business is not going to benefit from ANY selling venue, I will leave. For now(and hopefully in the future), Artfire is definitely the place for Bella Sweet Jewelry.