Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Amazing Holiday Deals

If you know me at know I love a good deal! As a handmade artist, I also know that hand-crafted items are something to be proud of and the value of getting something handmade as a gift is so special. These artists on Artfire are offering amazing deals on items that are as precious and special as their customers..

Bella Sweet Jewelry
Save 30% (Use coupon code "Turkey2011") and Free US Shipping! Nov 23-28

All Wired Up TOO
 Nov 24:   30% Off  and Free Shipping
 Nov 25-28:  10% Off and Free Shipping

Attic Closet Vintage
Nov 24-25: Vintage Clothing & Accessories 25% off

Night Sky Jewelry
"LIKE" Night Sky Jewelry on Facebook for a chance to win a $25 gift certificate!
See my Facebook page for details. Nov 24-28th.

25% off select items
Free US & Canadian shipping and discounted International shipping on every purchase
Runs from 12:00AM (Midnight) 11/24/11 - 11:59PM 11/24/11

15% off store wide (excluding Affordable Elegance line)
Free US & Canadian shipping and discounted International shipping on every purchase
Runs from 12:00AM (Midnight) 11/25/11 - 11:59PM 11/28/11

The Mushroom Lady
No Jive Turkey giblet prices! 30% off and free shipping on EVERYTHING-Nov 24th
Free Shipping Black Friday through Cyber Monday

Eclectic Oddities
Nov 24-25:  25% off and Free Shipping(Nov 24-28)

Rox & Things
 Nov 24: 30% off and Free Shipping
Nov 25 & 28th: 20% off and Free Shipping

Sunday, November 20, 2011

2011 Holiday Contest

Starting today, heres what you need to do to win a $30 Gift Card to my online store!

Tweet an item from my shop and add @bellasweet

Its easy to do..just find an item in my shop that you like and click on the "Tweet This" button under "Share This Item" on the left hand side of your screen.

Add @bellasweet and you're done :)

Tweet as many items as you want and on December 5th at 12am EST, a winner will be randomly chosen.

Winner will receive a $30 Gift Card code via email to use in my shop. Gift Card cannot be exchanged for cash. Winner will be posted on my Facebook Page. Thank you so much and I totally have my fingers crossed that you win!

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Stocking Stuffer Ideas

I love Christmas stockings.. Santa always made sure that the best gifts were in the toe..usually little velvet boxes! Here are some more great stocking stuffer ideas from Artfire:

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Desert Rubble

If you've looked at my Artfire shop, you can tell my style is elegant yet bold, unique designs. Is it possible that polymer clay can invoke that same style? Visit Desert Rubble and you'll quickly realize its possible!

I've been a fan of Desert Rubble's clay pieces for awhile now. I find them so interesting because you would never guess they are made of clay. They are so meticulously crafted and unexpected in design. They look as if they are made of metal. Every single one is a bit funky but still gives a feel of elegance.

 I love her dragon eyes :) Look at the detail!
Take a look at her shop to see all of her other awesome creations. They would make the best little stocking stuffer for the holidays..Everyone knows the best gifts are the ones that fit down in the very tip of the stocking! Make sure to "like" her Facebook page, she posts pics new pieces that are amazing!

Look at this little wing, I love it!

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Early Birds

Oh, yes I'm talking about crazy early bird shoppers! I know you've already started your holiday shopping but have you found that one special gift? Everyone has the "special" person on their shopping list..the person who fully appreciates the meticulous art of handmade items. I just thought I'd share some amazing items that I found on Artfire:
Love this little clutch coin pouch!
Field of Roses
For the trendy sushi lover:

Personalized stationary is the best gift for every occasion:

For the whimsical, feminine person on your list:

Make sure to take a peek at more gorgeous unique items on Artfire and give the gift of handmade art!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011


My favorite season has arrived!! I love autumn..the smell in the air, the crisp breeze, the brightly colored pumpkins :)  Here's a collection of some of my favorite fall items on Artfire:

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

A Pleasant Find

One of my loves is flowers.. I've had a little love affair with them ever since I was little and would play in my Grandpap's garden. But sadly, once cut..they fade quickly. Its very hard to find truly beautiful faux or dried flower pieces. I always think of little elderly ladies with little white gloves, sitting next to their dried flower arrangements :)

Imagine my surprise when I found this great shop on Artfire called NHWoodscreations. Her artistic approach to floral design is so amazing! The colors and styles she choses to create are modern yet still maintain the romantic feel of classic dried floral designs.
My favorite! Its an everlasting rainbow :)
I want to tell her she needs to raise her prices($39?!? Seriously!) but shhhhh, not until I buy my Mom's Christmas gift! NHWoodscreations's also has the cutest items such as birch journals, which I think is an awesome gift..and this fella:
I just love him!
Take a peek at NHWoodscreations  on Artfire and definitely put her shop on your holiday shopping list!

Saturday, June 18, 2011


A new addition to Bella Sweet Jewelry, Renewed Designs. I've always loved vintage costume jewelry..the bright colors, the high-class glamorous styles but I never knew how to wear them. They're so fancy for everyday..and who wears brooches these days? I decided that I needed to figure out a way to use these amazing vintage pieces in a modern way.

Renewed Designs are one-of-a-kind jewelry pieces that combine genuine brand-new gemstones and vintage elements.
Vintage Aurora Borealis brooch, Lemon Quartz and Freshwater Pearls
Glam and amazing, these vintage elements are perfectly modern yet still very classic. Perfect for an everyday look but also stylish enough for a formal occasion. I love to wear a really fabulous necklace with a plain white shirt and jeans. Its the unexpected little sparkle that makes the outfit!
Vintage Phoenix brooch, Green Freshwater Pearls and Pyrite

Friday, June 3, 2011

Beautiful Eyes

I recently stumbled upon this breathtaking art studio on Artfire called CarlaKurtArt. The talent she has is amazing. Now, I'm not a cat person but this picture is so wonderful! My sister would love this cat:

And I love this picture.. I want to be there, walking on the trail..

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Three Cakes, Zero Experience soap hobby turned into a business. My jewelry hobby turned into a business. Whats next?
CAKES!  No, I'm not starting another business. I just have always loved to bake..if I'm upset, a pie in the oven calms me.

My cousin is allergic to eggs and can never eat(or even cut) her kids birthday cakes so I decided I would make them this year. All of these cakes are vegan white and/or vegan chocolate..and I'm not telling my secret ingredients! I know, vegan cake? Gross! But these are just so moist and delicious..
I have no experience at all with working with fondant or making stacked cakes. I just kind of winged it and here's the results:

First up was Preston's 3rd birthday..he wanted a Toy Story cake :)
He was so cute and happy
Love Buzz!
Next up was Tyler's 10th birthday..  He's a major soccer player so of course, he wanted a soccer cake :) AND his jersey number is 10..what luck!
Ty was too cool to get his pic taken with his cake haha
Last but definitely not least.. we had Maddie's cake. She's the only girl of the tribe and is super girly. She was having a HUGE skating party(invited the entire 2nd grade) and she wanted a Justin Bieber cake. Now..I had no idea how to make a Bieber cake..but I gave it my best shot!