Tuesday, September 20, 2011

A Pleasant Find

One of my loves is flowers.. I've had a little love affair with them ever since I was little and would play in my Grandpap's garden. But sadly, once cut..they fade quickly. Its very hard to find truly beautiful faux or dried flower pieces. I always think of little elderly ladies with little white gloves, sitting next to their dried flower arrangements :)

Imagine my surprise when I found this great shop on Artfire called NHWoodscreations. Her artistic approach to floral design is so amazing! The colors and styles she choses to create are modern yet still maintain the romantic feel of classic dried floral designs.
My favorite! Its an everlasting rainbow :)
I want to tell her she needs to raise her prices($39?!? Seriously!) but shhhhh, not until I buy my Mom's Christmas gift! NHWoodscreations's also has the cutest items such as birch journals, which I think is an awesome gift..and this fella:
I just love him!
Take a peek at NHWoodscreations  on Artfire and definitely put her shop on your holiday shopping list!

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