Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Three Cakes, Zero Experience soap hobby turned into a business. My jewelry hobby turned into a business. Whats next?
CAKES!  No, I'm not starting another business. I just have always loved to bake..if I'm upset, a pie in the oven calms me.

My cousin is allergic to eggs and can never eat(or even cut) her kids birthday cakes so I decided I would make them this year. All of these cakes are vegan white and/or vegan chocolate..and I'm not telling my secret ingredients! I know, vegan cake? Gross! But these are just so moist and delicious..
I have no experience at all with working with fondant or making stacked cakes. I just kind of winged it and here's the results:

First up was Preston's 3rd birthday..he wanted a Toy Story cake :)
He was so cute and happy
Love Buzz!
Next up was Tyler's 10th birthday..  He's a major soccer player so of course, he wanted a soccer cake :) AND his jersey number is 10..what luck!
Ty was too cool to get his pic taken with his cake haha
Last but definitely not least.. we had Maddie's cake. She's the only girl of the tribe and is super girly. She was having a HUGE skating party(invited the entire 2nd grade) and she wanted a Justin Bieber cake. Now..I had no idea how to make a Bieber cake..but I gave it my best shot!

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