Friday, February 27, 2009

My Fellow Alchemists

I thought I'd take some time today to share some of my friends Artfire shops. The Alchemists is a group of artisans that were brought together on an online forum because of a love of soap, toiletries and candles. Friendships formed and I am very happy to say I am one of them :)

Faerie Made is an awesome shop with many handmade soap options. She focuses on essential oil blends and all of her soaps are vegetarian. Her Arnica Muscle Rub gets well deserved rave reviews. Check out her shop here: Faerie Made

Moon Garden is owned and operated by a wonderful woman. While her soaps are so beautiful(I love that they're round!), the important thing is the ingredients she chooses. Her love of all things furry shines through by choosing to use animal-friendly ingredients. Her soap smells wonderful and lathers like crazy! Check out her shop here: Moon Garden

The Herb Way is a great shop that's located in Tennessee. Her toiletry/soap ingredients are chosen with care, keeping the environment in mind. Make sure to check out her beautiful handmade raw silk and Egyptian terry facial cloths here: The Herb Way

I adore a long soak in the tub every day. Magic Hands Workshop has everything needed for a luxurious bath. The sassy lady who the magic behind Magic Hands is kind, intelligent and quite humorous. I think her coconut milk bath bombs sound amazing; take a peek here: Magic Hands Workshop

These are a few of the incredible shops that make up The Alchemists. Check out all the other shops by searching "Alchemists" on Artfire :)

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