Friday, March 20, 2009

Champaka Nectar

Many people know that my first business was a soap/toiletry business that was very successful for me. I've taken a brief break from it but I have a passion for high quality toiletries. Most of all, I adore perfumes. I love how each individual aroma(whether its floral or citrus, woody or spicy) slowly warms on my skin.

One of the best perfumers I know is Tracy of My Skin Soap Studio. She's honestly gifted in the art of blending perfumes. She's a kind, caring person that always willing to share her knowledge with others.

I've been lucky enough to try her Limited Edition Champaka Nectar perfume. Rare Champaka flower is blended with numerous essential oils, absolutes and resins. The first aroma you smell is warm cocoa with a touch of citrus and vanilla. As the scent warms on your skin, the deep exotic scent of the Champaka flower, vetiver and sandalwood come thru beautifully.

Its really something not to be missed! Once you try natural, hand-blended'll never stop at the Macy's perfume counter again!

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  1. Thank you so much for blogging me! It's wonderful. :D