Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Who wants to win $100?

I know I do! Artfire is now running this amazing contest..Sign up to receive Artfire Daily Collection emails and you could win $100!

Here's the deal.. Artfire has this amazing feature called collections. Its basically awesome handmade items that are for sale on AF, put together..usually in a theme or color. You might have noticed a few of mine in my blog posts.

If you sign up for the emails, you'll be sent a code that is yours and yours alone. Then every day, you'll be emailed a collection with a code at the bottom. If your code matches the email code, you win $100 to spend at any Pro Artfire store.

And I promise, you will not get tons of spam from AF..just the collection email every day. I know, I always hesitate before signing up for inbox already gets enough bizarre spam!

Click the sign up button below today and check out all the unique, fabulous items that make up Artfire
Sign up for the ArtFire Collection of the Day Email

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