Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Being Thankful

One of the things I am most thankful for is my large group of repeat customers. When you have a business where you create the items with your own two hands..and then try to sell them, you open yourself up to the world. Your mind fills with "Will anyone like it?" and "I know my items aren't as awesome as other people's work.." at first. And then "What if nobody buys it?"

Yep. That is the kicker. You can think your art is amazing, awesome, the bee's knees, the cat's meow. But when you put a price tag on it..insecurity can arise. So the best thing that can happen after selling something is...TRC. Oh yes, The Repeat Customer. The Holy Grail of customers. What does TRC mean??

They like you! They REALLY like you!  Okay. They might not like you but they like your items. Same thing! Or is it?

With my RC's, I want them to like me as well as my items. I want a relationship with them. How do I do that? By offering the best customer service that I can. What is that?

1. Communicate clearly with the customer. Do they have questions about the item? Answer them politely in a timely manner. Let them know that you received their order and thank them.

2. Package their item(s) safely and maybe even make that packaging unforgettable. I like to make getting an order from me a fun experience. Part of that is my packaging. Even if the customer is shopping for themselves, its still a gift. Make it personal and again, thank them. I always include a little handwritten note, showing my appreciation.

3. Ship their order in a timely manner and let the customer know when you shipped it. Come know how it is when YOU buy something online. You wait..and wait..and can't wait for your box to arrive on your front step. Don't make your customer wait and wait!

4. Once your customer(and hopefully soon-to-be RC) gets their package and if they are not pleased, deal with it like a professional. Nobody wants to hear that their customer is unhappy with their purchase but lets face it, it happens. Purchasing something online is somewhat of a gamble. You can describe the item perfectly, you can take the best photographs but still..somebody can be unhappy or even have buyer's remorse. Whether the customer doesn't like the blanket they ordered or the earrings are too big..just suck it up and act like a real business. You don't hear Amazon saying "I don't accept returns because those earrings are too big", do you? Nope. Do what you can to make that customer happy again..whether its accepting a return or even a refund if you cannot accept returns.

Sounds simple right? It really should would think all sellers would treat their customers in a wonderful way. Sadly, I read stories all the time about how so-and-so at Etsy or Artfire screwed over a customer. It might cast a shadow over the whole handmade shopping experience but frankly, I like to look at it as a good thing.

A good thing? Am I CRAZY?? Well probably but hey, I view it as my amazing customer service sets me apart from those unprofessional people. And my many repeat customers definitely agree. Now, I know everyone has difficult customers. I'm not saying you have to treat them like royalty. I'm simply saying "Treat them just like you would want to be treated."

Thank you to everyone who appreciates and purchases Bella Sweet Jewelry. I love all of my customers and am so thankful that you allow my designs to grace your jewelry boxes and your gorgeous bodies!

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  1. Great post, Sarah. Even though I shop a lot online, it's still nerve racking when I buy from someone for the first time. If they don't communicate with me along the way (let me know you got my money and when you've mailed my package, please!) it drives me crazy.

    I try to treat every customer the way I hope to be treated by sellers, and by doing that, I've built a nice return customer base. With all of the competition on the internet, if you don't go out of your way to make your buyers feel special and appreciated, they'll find someone who will.